Florida Guard Building Systems FAQ's
Here are a few that we have replied to.

What sizes are standard assembled guard buildings available in?

 Most manufacturers offer assembled guard buildings starting with 3' x 5' up to 8' x 20' in 1' or 2' increments.  Typical standard heights are 7'9" with 7'6" interiors.  Actual interior dimensions and exterior dimensions are adjusted by various manufacturers to allow for the width of the wall system.  The actual maximum exterior width being set at 94 1/2" to accommodate loading into a standard closed wall semi truck trailer.

Please note the following when selecting your guard building sizes.

1. Municipalities will enforce the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) on assembled guard buildings to the same standard as other buildings. To be ADA compliant a assembled guard building must have a minimum interior clear space of 60" x 60"  with the door having at least  18" clearance on the lock side. Doors may not swing into the 60" turning radius. A code compliant ramp must be provided for accessibility.

2. Please see our downloads section for a complete 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design download in PDF format.

How are assembled guard buildings shipped

 Most manufacturers of standard size assembled guard building systems utilize standard box trailer freight rates versus higher flat bed rates for shipping purposes.  Shipping in closed box trailers also offers the benefits of reducing any wind damage or vandalism while in transit. 

 It is important to note the following when comparing assembled guard building proposals from manufacturers with regards to freight rates.

1. Assembled guard buildings shipped in closed box trailers will require a forklift with fork extensions to a minimum of 8' to unload. Assembled guard buildings over 8' x 10' will typically require two forklifts and drivers to unload at grade or  must be unloaded at an elevated dock.  There is no guarantee from the shipper that the building will be on the tail end of the trailer. If in the nose of the trailer pallet jacks or dollies and chains will be required to remove it from the trailer at grade. Shippers will not assist at off loading. 

2. Standard quoted freight rates are almost always quoted as closed box trailers with a substantial cost increase when tarped flatbed service is requested.  The method of shipment is pertinent to final pricing and off loading cost.

3. Standard size assembled guard building systems are typically quoted without roof overhang. If roof overhang is requested the roof system will typically be shipped as separate knock down components that will need to be assembled onsite further increasing off loading and installation cost.

4. Off loading assembled guard buildings requires specialized lifting equipment and lifting tactics to avoid damage or injury . It is highly advisable to make sure that off loading is included in your assembled guard building proposal.

What options are available on assembled guard buildings?

 Manufacturers typically offer standard packages for electrical consisting of 120v outlets for service, 220v outlets for air conditioning units, and either surface mount or lay in style florescent fixtures for lighting.  Door systems are typically swing style doors with options available for sliding style doors.  Glazing systems can be 1/4" or 3/16" impact resistant (not hurricane rated) windows. Assembled guard buildings can be fitted with other options such as restrooms, exterior lighting systems, wiring for communications or CCTV systems, and hurricane rated shutter systems. Typically these options must be supplied installed after delivery by the guard building installation contractor. Other options can include: 
  • Concrete Base / Barrier Systems
  • Diamond Plate Flooring Systems
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Window Drawer Systems
  • Tinted Glazing Systems
  • Hurricane Rated Glazing  
  • Accordion Shutter Systems
  • Vehicle Control Arms
  • Vehicle Control Spikes
  • Restrooms
  • Exterior Lighting Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Bullet Resistant Systems
  • Web Based Camera Systems

How much do assembled guard building systems cost?

Pricing on assembled guard building systems can vary greatly per manufacturer.  Based on average square foot prices you can expect to pay  $ 150.00 to $ 500.00 per square foot. Square foot pricing typically decreases with increases in building sizes. A typical 3' x 5' unit delivered to your site will cost approximately $ 7,500.00 or $ 500.00 per square foot. A 8' x 16' unit will cost approximately $ 22,000.00 or $ 171.00 per square foot.  Pricing varies greatly per size and options. Please feel free to contact us directly for a proposal on your specific size and required options.


Are all assembled guard building systems code compliant?

Code compliance requirements vary greatly depending on the municipalities code and requirements for these type assembled or manufactured buildings. Most reputable manufacturers can provide signed and sealed drawings by a Florida licensed engineering firm or have pre-approved buildings with a Florida DCA label that are specifically engineered and designed to meet Florida Building Codes. Code compliance is always the responsibility of the owner purchaser. Geographical locations, distances to the beaches, and the exposure of the buildings all play significant criteria's when determining the type of building systems required. It is advisable to submit drawings for municipality approval before allowing any manufactured or assembled building system to be installed on your property. 

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