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Assembled Florida Guard Building Systems
Florida Guard Building Systems, Parking Attendant Booths, Insulated Secure Storage Buildings

  Assembled manufactured building systems for guard buildings, parking attendant booths, and secure storage systems are available in standard or custom sized units to meet your requirements. Typical sizes for manufactured assembled guard buildings range from 3' x 4' up to 8' x 20'.   Assembled guard building systems, ready for hookup, can be delivered directly to your site minimizing construction cost, scheduling and quality control issues.  Fully prefabricated and prefinished construction minimizes traffic disruption, weather delays, and conventional construction quality control while offering lower maintenance, the ability to relocate, and quicker construction scheduling. All systems are available with options for FLPE engineered drawings or Florida DCA Insignias for municipality permitting and building inspection requirements.
  Offloading and installation services are available per request. Turnkey installation services can include:
  • Tarped Flatbed Trailer Delivery Services  
  • Forklift or Crane Lifting Services 
  • Offloading and Anchoring Services  
  • Final Utility Hook Up Services
  • Final Cleaning and Wipe Down Services
  • Permit Expediting and Building Department Inspection Services

Site Built Florida Guard Building Systems
Custom Design Build, Match to Existing Building Architecture

  Guard building, attendant booths, or other buildings requiring roof overhangs, widths wider than 8', or  gable style roofing systems can be partially prefabricated for final site assembly. Partial prefabrication and refinishing decreases construction scheduling, increases quality control, and allows for larger building interiors than can be shipped with economical freight systems.
  • Overhanging Roofing Systems   
  • Pitched Gable Style Roofing Systems
  • Widths Wider Than 8'  
  • Elevated Building Systems
  • Masonry Trim or Finishes
  • Shutters, Canopies, Architectural Details

Florida Guard Building Systems Options
Options to Improve Florida Guard Building Systems & Function

  • Concrete Base / Barrier Systems
  • Diamond Plate Flooring Systems
  • Sliding Door Systems
  • Window Drawer Systems
  • Tinted Glazing Systems
  • Hurricane Rated Glazing
  • Accordion Shutter Systems
  • Vehicle Control Arms
  • Vehicle Control Spikes
  • Restrooms
  • Exterior Lighting Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Bullet Resistant Systems
  • Web Based Camera Systems

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